At BambooCore, I combine the best coaching, the smartest fitness, lifestyle and nutrition program design, and the fun of movement. Hear what some of my members have to say about their experience.

  • "Working with Jen has been truly life changing! Her holistic approach to health and wellness has helped me achieve results I never dreamed possible. Since I started training with Jen, I’ve lost 11 inches around my body and my clothes fit like never before. My body is leaner, stronger and toned. I have greater endurance, and I feel energized after our workouts and throughout the day. Most importantly, Jen has made me realize that anything is possible and how small changes can translate into incredible results on both a physical and physiological level. She’s helped me make sustainable lifestyle changes that will be with me forever. She has coached me and encouraged me every step of the way. Her wealth and depth of knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition is incredible and her passion for it is inspiring. It hasn’t been easy, but her encouragement, upbeat and friendly disposition makes training and learning a blast. I have learned so much and come so far since I first started working with Jen that I cannot imagine life without her and Bamboo Core! She’s truly an inspiration and has opened me up to a whole new world."

    Jennifer Tietjen Natick, MA
  • "Through remote fitness and nutrition coaching, Jen helped me prep for events such as The World's Toughest Mudder (an extreme 24-hour obstacle course endurance challenge) and the Spartan race. She makes you want to push harder and eat better. She is so awesome that my friend and I came back to ask her to continue coaching us. Thank you, Jen and BambooCore!"

    Mike Sarkies Florida
  • "Having Jen as my coach has been an amazing experience. Jen is a terrific personal trainer and supportive coach. Her boutique fitness and holistic nutrition coaching studio is awesome! She is also a fantastic motivator - always providing creative workouts and great nutrition advice and techniques for reaching your health and weight goals. I have lost 20 lbs. with Jen's help and could not be happier. I now move and feel so much better. She has changed my body and my life. Jen Regan is a motivational force!"

    Pip Skinner Natick, MA
  • "Jen Regan, the trainer who runs Bamboo Core Fitness, is fabulous. She will come to your home or you can go to her well equipped studio in South Natick (intersection of Rt 16 and Union/Pleasant Street). She is the best trainer I have ever worked out with, she's energetic and enthusiastic without being over the top in that dimension, and whenever I have had an injury or other issue she has done a great job of coming up with customized workouts for me. Super highly recommended."

    Max Stone Sherborn, MA
  • "My three kids have an amazing workout every time they work with Jen!"

    Tracy Pomerenke Framingham, MA
  • "Jennifer is a wealth of information. Aside from being a great personal trainer who designs client-specific workouts, Jen provides holistic lifestyle coaching. She is a super resource for nutrition and has helped me focus my training both inside and out. I highly recommend Jen!"

    Abby Ackerman Wellesley, MA
  • "Jen Regan is THE best personal trainer in the Boston area! Dedicated, hard-working, intelligent, creative, witty... What more could you ask for?!"

    Rhonda B. Winchester, MA
  • "Jennifer has provided me with exceptional online health and fitness coaching. She is always interested in what you have to say. Jennifer listens and offers her help with whatever you need to know. She is always learning the latest nutritional or physical fitness info to stay current."

    Darlene Gosselin Bruni Largo, Fl
  • "Jennifer is an exceptional trainer. She makes exercise fun and has helped me achieve great weight-loss results."

    Bianca Regan Framingham, MA
  • "BambooCore Fitness is the place to go for fitness, health and nutrition coaching. Jen Regan is in an elite class for personal trainers without a doubt!!"

    Brian Spencer Needham, MA

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