At BambooCore, I offer comprehensive fitness services which enable individuals and teams to excel with mobility and movement. My integrative, innovative, and practical approach to movement covers every aspect necessary to enhance physicality and the mind so that optimal performance is achieved in any environment.

Whether you want to lose fat, perform your best on the athletic field, move better, and/or reduce injury, my practical strength, movement, endurance, and mobility programs will help you reach your body’s peak physical and psychological states. Through the use of NASM, MovNat, and C.H.E.K Institute coaching principles, my fitness method is one that pulls from various disciplines and builds a solid foundation while staying focused on each client’s individual goals. My coaching is designed to help clients identify and clarify their fitness-related goals, assess movement, and create programs specifically targeted at improving deficiencies and optimizing strengths. This enables you to achieve goals as quickly as possible. Fitness development is always performed in a purposeful and functional manner to ensure goal-specific performance enhancement and muscular balance. 

I believe in practical fitness: fitness training that will help you excel at what you do in everyday life. My fitness programs combine many different teachings of movement and exercise – methods that are functional and useful. As a MovNat Certified Trainer, I often include natural movement training in my programs. (Please see below for more information about natural movement training.)

Benefits Of Fitness Coaching

  • My Coaching Will Help You:
  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is exciting and empowering
  • Move your body more efficiently and mindfully
  • Learn safe progressions of movement skills and exercises
  • Accelerate fat-loss and build muscle mass
  • Learn proper recovery techniques
  • Build your confidence
  • Feel great and look great
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Ready your body and mind for practical, real-life situations
  • Learn about nutrition as it relates to performance and recovery
  • Stay committed to a routine by training in a supportive and motivating community of accountability
  • Ensure that you have a fun and safe environment to practice your movement skills
  • My Coaching Will Address And Improve:
  • Practical fitness and natural movement skills and technique
  • Muscular strength, agility and body control
  • Proprioceptive awareness, mindfulness and balance
  • Core stability and strength
  • Energy system conditioning
  • Power and speed development
  • Flexibility and dynamic mobility
  • Muscular inbalances
  • Injury reduction and rehabilitation
  • Everyday fitness habits

Are BambooCore's Fitness Coaching Programs For You?

To be successful with a fitness program, it is important that it is a good match for you. This fitness coaching is ideal for you if:

BambooCore's fitness coaching programs are FOR YOU if you want a sustainable lifestyle change and are ready to commit to new healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness habits. 

  • You are ready to invest in your health and wellbeing.
  • You want help establishing sustainable fitness strategies.
  • You want to accelerate fat loss, increase energy levels, gain muscle, lower stress, and reduce musculoskeletal pain.
  • You want to feel stronger, more capable, and be able to adapt to whatever life throws at you.
  • You want to look better naked!
  • You want to improve your athletic/physical performance.
  • You are not seeing results with the fitness program you are currently following.
  • You want to better the way your body moves and perform everyday tasks better.
  • You think conventional fitness training modalities are boring.
  • You need fitness accountability.
  • You struggle with self-motivation when it comes to fitness.
  • You are ready to live a more dynamic and happy life.
  • You want to make sure you are lifting with proper form and technique.
  • You want to feel confident and fit in the event of an emergency.

Are BambooCore's Fitness Coaching Programs NOT For You?

To be successful with a fitness program, it is important that it is a good match for you. This fitness coaching is NOT ideal for you if:

BambooCore's fitness coaching programs are NOT FOR YOU if you want a short-term, quick fix and are not ready to commit to new lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness habits.

  • You are looking for a quick fix and need results "right now" rather than taking a journey towards lasting change.
  • You are not willing to invest in your health and wellbeing.
  • You do not want a personalized fitness coaching experience.
  • You are not willing to look deeper into what might be causing symptoms of a less than optimal life.
  • You only want to work out using conventional machines and modalities.
  • You do not want to follow coaching assignments and exercises outside of sessions.
  • You do not have an open mind toward new challenges, instruction, and ideas.

Available Fitness Coaching Programs

  • BambooElite: Private Personal Session
  • BambooElite-12: Personal Training Membership
  • BambooElite-24: Personal Training Membership
  • BambooElite-36: Personal Training Membership
  • BambooElite-30Min: 30-Minute Personal Training
  • BambooBuddy-12: Semi-Private Personal Training
  • BambooBuddy-24: Semi-Private Personal Training
  • BambooBuddy-36: Semi-Private Personal Training
  • BambooTribe: Small Group Training
  • BambooRenew: 6-Week Transformation
  • BambooRenew: 8-Week Transformation
  • BambooRenew: 12-Week Transformation
  • Complimentary Consultation And Strategy Session
  • Fitness/Movement Workshops
  • Movement Coaching
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Postural Assessment
  • Physio Assessment And Baseline Measurements
  • Customized Workout Programs

What Is Natural Human Movement?

Natural movement is simply moving the way you are fundamentally designed to move. My movement coaching techniques help you become more efficient at your full range of natural human movement skills so that you can live a more dynamic, capable, and dynamic life.

When you improve your movement, you unlock an important component to sustainable health and graceful aging. Moving naturally can have profound therapeutic effects on the body and mind and opens up a new world of exploration, play, and fun! When you become more efficient at moving, you perform better at life and athletics. You will become fit, stronger and lean. You will move, feel, and look better.

What Are The Human Movement Skills?

Human movement skills include:

- Locomotive: Walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, aquatics (swimming, etc)

- Manipulative:
Lifting, carrying, throwing, catching

- Combatives: Striking, grappling

Who Can Practice And Benefit From Human Movement Skills Training?

A beautiful thing that I highlight in my coaching is that we are United By Movement! Movement does not discriminate against gender, race, or age. ANYONE can practice and benefit from improving their movement, from elite athletes to those who are are out of shape. We all move at some capacity every day and we can always improve our movement. A philosophy of MovNat is that you don’t have to be fit to move, but you have to move to be fit.

Natural movement applies to everything from carrying your groceries, to playing on the floor with your children, to performing on an athletic field, to fleeing from danger during times of emergency. The environments and situations around us are ever changing. Movement coaching teaches you how to adapt to these changes. Movement skills allow you to naturally develop real, explosive strength, in natural ways that transfer to practical situations of life.

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