Initial consultation

Prior to beginning all programs, there will be a complimentary consultation session. During this meeting, you and Jennifer Regan, MovNat MCT, NASM-CPT, C.H.E.K HLC, will first define and review your goals.  Together you will decide the best approach for designing and implementing your individualized program.


1) Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS is an assessment tool comprised of 7 basic movements that assess joint and muscle mobility and stability throughout the body. Jennifer will record your movements via video and evaluate the results outside of the session. By collecting this data, she will be able to identify any imbalances and/or asymmetries that may exist in your body.

This assessment will provide a baseline of how your body functions and moves. It allows Jennifer to prescribe an exercise program designed around your specific needs and goals that is both safe and effective. Data gathered will help prevent injury, reduce pain and inflammation within your joints, enhance performance, and increase cognitive and neuro-muscular functioning.

2) Physiological Assessment

The Physiological Assessment is comprised of:

    • Body composition testing (body fat percentage, BMI and girth/circumference measurements)
    • Evaluation of physical competence and conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, stability and dynamic mobility (posture, gait and movement efficiency)
    • Assessment of risk and lifestyle factors (blood pressure, resting heart rate, health and nutrition history, etc.)

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