Remote Coaching

Get personalized coaching from me, Jennifer Regan, from the convenience of your home at a schedule that works for you.

Do you want to work with me but are not in MA? No problem. Now you can fit coaching into your busy lifestyle by working remotely with me.

Who is remote coaching for?

This option is ideal for those who have schedule constraints or for those who want to work with me but don’t live in the Boston/MA area. Remote coaching will give you all the benefits of having an experienced coach in your corner while still maintaining autonomy and training based around your schedule.

BambooCore offers remote coaching for all levels – anyone can benefit from my training philosophies. Whether you are an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, or someone who needs some guidance with general health and fitness/movement, remote coaching will help you improve.

What is remote coaching?

The BambooCore Remote Coaching program is professional online coaching delivered directly to you without sacrificing results, money or autonomy. Just because you have to travel or be away from your gym doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your training. Through your connection to me and your program, you’ll have smart coaching that meets you where you are, literally!

With the help of a professional coach, you will continue to progress in the way that most highly connects to your personality, style and goals. Through BambooCore Remote Coaching, I will get to know you and your goals and will provide you with the best coaching platform possible. With regular check-ins and virtual coaching sessions, I will work with you as you move through each phase of your training. I will be there to chat, hop on a Skype call, and modify movements and mobility components as you need.

All of your workouts will be delivered electronically via an innovative coaching platform called Fitbot. You will be able to access this info on your phone while in the gym or home and can upload photos or videos for me to review. You will be able to watch exercise demo videos, track your progress and even chat with me in real time from this platform. By having a coach in your corner who helps you achieve your biggest goals, you will enjoy greater confidence, resilience and results not only today, but into the future.

What is included with remote coaching?

With BambooCore Remote Coaching, I will provide you with personalized online coaching and help you reach your goals faster than if you were training on your own.

The efficient coaching platform offers several features, including:

Face-to-face consultations: The initial consultation is done with a video-conference call. This is when we begin our coaching relationship. During this meeting, I will learn more about your goals, concerns and workout history and you will get to know me as well. After that, we will have monthly video-conference calls to review your progress. This lets us discuss the big picture of your training, your lifestyle and nutrition, and where you are headed next. This allows you to stay connected to your big picture goals so that your training remains on point each day.

Individualized programming: Every individual is unique and for this reason, you will never receive a templated program. All programs will be customized to address your specific needs, meet you where you are and progress you every step of the way.

Daily connection through FitBot: You will receive your program daily through a convenient, user-friendly platform called FitBot. You can access this software anytime from your phone, tablet or computer. There you will be able to view your program, access a video library of your movements, documents sent by me, as well as all of your benchmarks and assessments. You will post your workout results for me to view and comment on, send videos of your movements to me so that I can dissect movement and pacing, and will receive feedback from me so that you continue to improve all areas of your health during your fitness journey. FitBot will allow you to log all of your workouts and data so that we can track and visualize your progress over time. You will also be able to use FitBot to send me messages at any point during the program.

Ongoing assessments: I will consistently provide you with comprehensive assessments of movement, strength, mobility, recovery and readiness to train. These tests will allow me to gauge your progress and ensure you are moving in the right direction at all times.

Nutrition guidance: Throughout your program, I will provide you with basic nutritional support and help you stay on track nutritionally.

Habit coaching and tracking: Developing healthy habits is a large component of success in a health and fitness program. I will help you focus on positive habits during your fitness journey. These will be behaviors that are most important toward helping your succeed with your goals.


  • Professional Online Coaching Personalized For You
  • $299 now, then $199/month (beginning in month 2)*
  • *$199 paid monthly via auto-draft
  • Individualized programming through a convenient, user-friendly platform (FitBot)
    Online access to a video library of movements
    Easy workout logging and progress tracking
    Habit tracking and coaching
    Video breakdown and rapid feedback of workouts from your coach
    Real-time messaging with your coach
    Comprehensive assessments of movement, strength, mobility, recovery and readiness to train
    Monthly video-conference calls with your coach

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