Organic Green Smoothie Recipe

Do you want to jump-start your day, fuel your workout, or find a “pick-me-up” that will help battle your mid-day energy crash? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Organic Green Smoothie is for you.

Drink your veggies!

Drinking this smoothie is a fantastic way to incorporate greens into your diet. One serving contains over three cups of dark leafy green vegetables, which is more than some people consume in one week.

Benefits of the organic green smoothie

  • Green SmoothieThe fiber found in this drink assists in detoxifying the body. It keeps the digestive tract clean and removes toxins.
  • When the body rids itself of the bad stuff, energy levels increase, skin becomes rejuvenated, and weight-loss is assisted.
  • The nutrients and fiber in this drink keep your belly more full throughout the day which makes you less likely to nosh on non-nutrient-dense foods like evil refined carbs and sweets.
  • This smoothie is packed with antioxidants that will help decrease inflammation within the body.

Add variety

When making this smoothie, I encourage you to mix and match your greens and fruits.

  • Vary the recipe by using vegetables like kale, chard, cucumber and arugula.
  • Experiment with different types of apples.
  • Adjust the flavor – throw herbs and other ingredients into the mix. Parsley and ginger are two of my favorites as they both possess anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.

Use a powerful blender

Use a high-powered blender to make this smoothie. I use a Vitamix because it is a work horse when it comes to blending. I never have to worry about unpleasant inconsistencies in my drinks: no chunks, no seeds. Cleaning a Vitamix is also an easy task!

Blend now, drink later

Smoothies and juices are best consumed immediately after blending and juicing. However, sometimes our hectic lifestyles prevent us from having the time to prep, drink and clean. When covered, the Organic Green Smoothie will keep in your refrigerator for about two days.

  • If you find your mornings rushed, blend the ingredients the night before. Place the smoothie into a covered container and drink in the morning.

Organic Green Smoothie recipe

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Organic Green Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Beverage
  • 2 cups water
  • 1-3 handfuls organic kale
  • 1-2 handfuls organic spinach
  • 3-4 stalks organic celery (cut into thirds)
  • ½ cucumber (peeled)
  • 1 organic green apple (cored, chopped and quartered)
  • 1 organic pear (cored, chopped and quartered)
  • 1 organic banana (peeled and halved)
  • 1 nub of fresh peeled organic ginger
  • 1 handful of organic parsley
  • juice of ½ organic lemon
  • 1-3 handfuls ice
  • Optional: 1-3 handfuls of romaine lettuce (can be used to replace kale)
  1. Place water, kale and spinach into high-powered blender, like a Vitamix.
  2. Secure lid.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Add celery, cucumber, apple, pear and optional ingredients.
  5. Secure lid and blend again until smooth.
  6. Add banana, ginger, parsley, lemon juice and ice.
  7. Blend again until smooth.
  8. Pour and drink.
Vary this recipe by using other greens like romaine lettuce, chard and/or arugula. Try different types of apples. Adjust the flavor - throw herbs and other ingredients into the mix. Parsley and ginger are provide anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits.

Veggie Smoothie



For more healthy green smoothie recipes, check out “Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body” by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner. This book is an innovative resource of delicious green smoothies that will delight your tastebuds, give you energy, and keep you healthy!


Try it, you might like it!

Go ahead, try this recipe for the Organic Green Smoothie and please let me know your thoughts.

  • Did you like it?
  • Is there anything in this recipe that you would change?
  • What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?



  1. WOW! It looks very pretty and green is always good for health as I know. I should must try it myself, don’t know how it should be for drinking, but it looks awesome, that’s enough 😀 Personally, I don’t like lemon so I’m going to blend expect lemon juice. Thanks for sharing.

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