On-Site Coaching

On-Site Coaching with BambooCore is the most efficient way to meet your health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether you want to simply improve your health and fitness, or take your athletic performance to the next level, in-person training at BambooCore’s fitness studio will help you develop sustainable lifestyle, nutrition and movement strategies so that you reach your goals!

Fitness Coaching

At BambooCore, I offer comprehensive fitness coaching services which enable individuals and teams to excel with mobility and movement. My integrative, innovative and practical approach to movement covers every aspect necessary to enhance physicality and the mind so that optimal performance is achieved in any environment.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

BambooCore’s Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching is designed to address lifestyle and nutrition factors as they apply uniquely to you. My coaching will help you adopt healthy, long-term lifestyle success. Whether you want to detoxify your body and mind, lose fat, build muscle, improve athletic performance, or just generally become a healthier person, Holistic Lifestyle And Nutrition Coaching is for you.

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