I believe in practical fitness: fitness training that will help you excel at what you do in everyday life. I use many different types of training modalities in my programs – from traditional strength, conditioning, rehabilitative and recovery exercises, to natural movement training.

What is natural movement?

Natural movement is simply moving the way you are fundamentally designed to move. My movement coaching techniques help you become more efficient at your full range of natural human movement skills so that you can live a more dynamic and capable life.

When you improve your movement, you unlock an important component to sustainable health, improved performance and graceful aging. Moving naturally can have profound therapeutic effects on the body and mind and opens up a new world of exploration, play and fun. When you become more efficient at movement, you perform better at life and athletics. You will become fit, strong and lean. You will move, feel and look better.

The environments and situations around us are ever changing. Movement coaching teaches you how to adapt to these changes. Practicing movement skills allows you to naturally develop real, explosive strength that transfers to practical situations of life.

Natural movement applies to everything from carrying your groceries, to playing on the floor with your children, to performing on an athletic field, to fleeing from danger during times of emergency. 

The human movement skills include:

  • Locomotive: Walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, aquatics (swimming, etc)
  • Manipulative: Lifting, carrying, throwing, catching
  • Combatives: Striking, grappling

Who can practice and benefit from movement skills training?

A beautiful thing that I highlight in my coaching is that we are United By Movement! Movement does not discriminate against race, color, gender, nationality, religion, orientation or age.

ANYONE can practice and benefit from improving their movement, from elite athletes to those who are are out of shape. We all move at some capacity every day and we can always improve our movement. You don’t have to be fit to move, but you have to move to be fit.

Remote fitness coaching

My fitness coaching delivers 100% individualized programs online through a remote coaching platform.

Remote Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

If Fitness Coaching is not for you and you would like to sign up for Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching instead, please check out my comprehensive remote Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition services.

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