Why You Should Keep A Coin In The Freezer: The Coin In A Mug Freezer Hack

Why You Should Keep A Coin In The Freezer: The Coin In A Mug Freezer Hack

Natural disasters like Hurricane Irma may strike unexpectedly and their paths can be unpredictable. When a catastrophe hits, the loss of electricity in towns and cities becomes a real threat. In these situations, there is no guarantee that the power to your house will stay turned on. Unfortunately, an extended blackout can have dire consequences. Fortunately, you can reduce some of the headaches caused by a massive power outage by prepping your home with a disaster plan before the unthinkable happens.

Whether you are evacuating your home due to a local or national emergency or just leaving for a business trip or vacation, you will want to know if there was a major power interruption while you were away. If the electricity goes out for an extended period of time, the safety of your food and your health is at risk. The coin in a mug freezer hack will determine if the power went out and will let you know whether or not you should throw out perishable food items stored in your refrigerator and freezer.


The coin in a mug freezer hack 

This simple, yet effective coin in a mug freezer trick uses the combination of four “tools” everyone already has at home:
  1. A freezer-friendly coffee mug
  2. Tap water
  3. A coin (I used a quarter)
  4. Freezer
Life Is Good Coffee Mug
A sturdy, freezer-friendly mug like this Life Is Good mug is a perfect cup for coin in a mug hack

The Coin In A Mug Freezer Hack


  1. Fill a coffee mug with tap water.
  2. Place the coffee mug in your freezer and freeze the water until it is solid.
  3. Put a quarter on top of the ice in the mug and leave it in your freezer.
  4. When you return from your trip, check the ice.
  5. If the quarter fell to the middle or bottom of a now-frozen cup of ice, the power went out for at least part of the time you were away and then came back on. This means the electricity was out long enough to melt the ice, to make the coin fall through, and to refreeze the water – all before it turned on again.
  6. Whenever a quarter has dropped farther down into the mug, inspect all perishable foods in your refrigerator and freezer. It is likely that you will have to throw them away.


Why you should put a coin in the freezer: The coin in a mug freezer hack

So there you have it – the coin in a mug freezer hack – a simple yet effective method of determining whether or not your power went out while you were away from your house. This hack is a money saver – and will prevent you from having to throw away tons of food unnecessarily.

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