How To Prevent And Manage A Hangover; Part 3/5

Part 3/5: Do This While Drinking

In part one of my How to Prevent and Manage a Hangover series, I outlined some of the symptoms and causes of hangovers. In the second article, I provided tips on what you can do before the party/drinking. Today I will show you how to prevent a hangover by sharing tips that you can do during the party. 

Do this while drinking

Okay, so you are at the party and have begun drinking. Here are nine things you can do so that you avoid getting knocked down by a hangover later.

1. Eat while you drink

Research has shown that eating an ample meal while drinking alcohol slows digestion by as much as 50 percent. By slowing digestion, you will feel fuller longer, and this will help to decrease the amount of drinks you consume. Drinking less will lower your chances of experiencing a hangover. Feeling satiated longer and drinking less will lead to a fewer amount of empty calories eaten – yay – an added bonus!

  • While you are at the party, eat!
  • Choosing something fatty, like a rich cheese or healthy nuts will help lessen the unpleasant side effects of alcohol.

2. Choose your booze wisely

Again, what you drink impacts the severity of your hangover. To review, dark spirits contain more toxic congeners… clear drinks fewer… and cheap liquor more.

  • More impurities equal more headaches and nausea. Stick with high-quality, light-colored beverages whenever possible.

These liquors are most likely to cause hangovers:

  • bourbon
  • brandy
  • cognac
  • red wine
  • whisky

These liquors are less likely to cause hangovers:

  • gin
  • rum
  • vodka
  • white wine

3. Do not mix alcohols

Mixing several kinds of alcohol (i.e. beer AND liquor) increases your chances that your hangover will be more severe.

  • Stick to one type of alcohol for the night.

4. Avoid carbonated mixers

Carbonated mixers, like soda, are known to heighten the severity of hangovers. Researchers have found that carbonated mixers increase the rate of alcohol absorption in the blood.

  • Avoid these carbonated mixers whenever you can.

5. Pace yourself

A. Drink slowly and moderately

  • Sip your drink(s) and keep slurping and chugging to a minimum (yes, this means that if you want to increase your chances of being hangover-free, then the beer funnel must go).

B. Consume less than one drink per hour

  • Your liver breaks down alcohol at the rate of one drink per hour, so spreading the amount of beverages you drink over many hours will give your body a chance to keep up with you.
  • Ignore this rule, and you may be experiencing the ugly consequences the next day.

6. Alternate alcoholic with non-alocholic beverages

This trick will slow your alcohol consumption down but also keep something to drink in your hand.

  • Water is your best choice here.
  • If you feel self-conscious about this, order a “virgin” cocktail, one sans-alcohol. Club-soda and cranberry works.
  • When you are feeling buzzed, you should stop drinking alcohol and switch to water.
  • If the party goes longer than you expected, order water.

7. Skip a round or two

  • Don’t be afraid to turn down a drink or a round (or two, or three) of shots. This will help avoid sickness later, prevent you from doing something you may later regret, and save you some cash.
  • As you drink, do your best to keep track of how many drinks you have consumed, and again, keep it to a moderate amount.

8. Pay with cash

Some people prefer taking cash out to the bar or party. When it’s gone, you’re done drinking. A credit card can make it a little too easy to drink more than you need and spend more than you can… or should afford.

  • When at a bar, pay with cash.

9. Avoid energy drinks

Although it may seem like a good idea at the time, energy drinks such as Burn, Red Bull, Full Throttle, Monster, Rockstar and 5-hour Energy, are a very poor choice. First, there are many health risks linked to energy drinks when consumed by themselves (without alcohol). These drinks contain several artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and stimulants – all of which have been linked to health conditions such as:

  • cancer
  • heart arrhythmia
  • heart attack
  • arrhythmia
  • death
  • insomnia
  • stroke

When energy drinks are mixed with alcohol, health risks increase.

  • As mentioned before, alcohol is a diuretic, as are the stimulants found in energy drinks. Drinking energy drinks while consuming alcohol will dehydrate your body even more than if you were just drinking alcohol by itself.

Combining booze with energy drinks may be just as dangerous as drinking pre-made concoctions like Four Loko, which was recently banned after a string of college student hospitalizations and deaths.

  • By masking the fatigue that is usually brought on by drinking too much alcohol, energy drinks often cause people to drink way past their threshold, and this will make hangover symptoms much more severe come morning hours. Yuck!
  • Avoid all of this risk by saying, “No” to energy drinks.

Prevent hangovers


While drinking alcohol, eat food and drink water whenever you can, choose your beverages wisely, avoid mixers, pay with cash, say, “No” to energy drinks and pace yourself. Do all of this and the likelihood that you will be sick as a dog the next day will be small to none.

Share your thoughts

  • Do you make an effort to avoid a hangover? If yes, do you consciously do (or not do) something specific while you are drinking alcohol?
  • Please share any tips you may have that could help someone out there avoid or lessen the unfortunate side-effects of drinking too much alcohol.
  • Is there any one thing or combination of things that you swear is a hangover preventer?

Please share your thoughts (and secrets) in the comments below this post!

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