Four Life Lessons From A Six-Year-Old

Four Life Lessons From A Six-Year-Old

Four Life Lessons From A Six-Year-Old

Stop What You Are Doing And Listen

Happy Thursday, everyone! For this week’s motivational post, I am letting a six-year-old inspire us. In the following heartwarming video, young Tiana delivers sweet and useful nuggets of wisdom to her recently divorced mom, Sherry. Tiana’s dad and Sherry had just gotten into an argument.

In this video, Tiana gives her mom valuable life lessons about attitude, the power of positivity and the importance of balance. Listen carefully, as we can all learn from her acuity.

Four life lessons from Zenmaster Tiana

Here are four life lessons we can all learn from perceptive little Tiana.

1. Don’t be a meanie. Be friendly and try your best

Tiana believes that meanies create monsters. Monsters eat people and if everyone becomes a monster, there will be no more people in the world (*gasp!*). She feels that if she can be nice, everyone has the potential to be nice. According to Tiana, if you let go of stubbornness and try your best to be friendly, you can make a difference in the world.

  • “Try not to be that, that high up to be friends. I want everything to be low. Okay? Just try your best.”
  • “I want you and my Dad to be [in a] place that’s settled and be friends. I’m not trying to be mean, I just want everyone to be friends.”
  • “And if I can be nice I think all of us can be nice too.”
  • “I am trying to do my best in my heart. Nothing else than that. I want you, Mom, my Dad, everyone to be friends.”
  • “If we live in a world where everyone is being mean everyone is going to be a monster in the future.”

2. Don’t forget to smile

According to Tiana, smiling makes the world a better place and is not optional. Everyone should let go of anger, smile and encourage others to do the same.

  • “I want everyone to be smiling. Not like being mad.”
  • “I want everything to smile. Especially when I see someone, I want them to smile.”

3. Become grounded with balance and prompt others to do the same

Tiana has faith that all people can balance out their highs and lows to find a peaceful state. She feels that if we each follow and stay where our heart is, we will find a state of calm. Everyone deserves kindness, respect and balance in their lives.

  • “I think you can do it. I think you can settle your mean heights down a little to short heights, then it’s both, okay?”
  • “I am trying to be steady… on the floor. Not way down, on straight, on the middle where my heart is. My heart is something. Everyone else’s heart is something too.”

4. To be stable, one must be realistic

Tiana encourages stability (who doesn’t?) and feels life can only be as “good as possible.” When we focus on the present moment, good things come our way. When we embrace positivity and are mindful of expressing kindness to others, life can be stable and enjoyed. Too often we let ourselves get caught up in chasing the impossible – and when we do this, we miss out on what is actually happening in front of us and within us. To be stable, one must be present and caring toward others.

  • “I just want everything to be settled down, nothing else. I just want everything to be good as possible, nothing else.”


Isn’t this the sweetest video ever? I admire Tiana’s young, but wise soul. I see a lifestyle coach in the making and I think this girls needs to be on the Bamboo Core team… or better yet, on the presidential ballot.

I have a feeling that if Tiana and the Dalai Lama were to meet, they would have an incredibly inspiring chat – one that the entire world would benefit from hearing… don’t you agree?

Please share your amazing thoughts below and have a fantastic week – one full of smiles…and remember, “don’t be a meanie.”

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  1. Tiana is an adorable genius! What a special gift she has – her parents are lucky they have her to keep them grounded…and not mean! I love this.

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