BambooCore Fitness

What is BambooCore?

BambooCore was founded in 2009 by Jennifer Regan, NASM-CPT, MovNat MCT, C.H.E.K HLC. What started as a local gym and fitness/health blog has evolved into a successful remote performance and wellness coaching system for people around the world.

BambooCore is a space for people to be coached in every aspect of their fitness and health journeys. It is a community for bodies and minds to seek, reach and celebrate maximum movement, mobility, strength and nutrition efficiency in a safe and supportive environment. BambooCore uses integrative lifestyle, nutrition and movement coaching methods to address issues that are preventing you from reaching your full potential so that you can excel performance and wellness to the next level.

“Within the BambooCore community, I am pushing to evolve fitness and nutrition in a way that promotes a standard of excellence in online coaching.” – Jennifer Regan, founder and CEO of BambooCore.

Why Bamboo?

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” – Bruce Lee

A perfect combination of strength and flexibility, bamboo has come to represent harmony and balance in one’s life. Like bamboo, we all have the innate ability to be strong, flexible and adaptive. Like bamboo, we have the aptitude to push past adversity, rebound and thrive.

Together, we unite as a culture to celebrate and become more efficient with movement, mobility, strength and whole nutrition. We are a tribe that helps each other become stronger and more capable of handling life’s challenges and rewards. We embrace physical and emotional movement. Together, we are BambooCore: United by Movement and Bamboo Strong.


BambooCore is a fitness and wellness company founded in 2009 with an altruistic objective and revolutionary spirit. BambooCore exists to:

  • Deliver sustainable lifestyle and movement strategies to people looking to improve their health and performance.
  • Advocate for a paradigm shift in the health and fitness industry that moves us away from specialized and isolated approaches and closer to holistic and integrative methods.

The Approach

Using C.H.E.K InstituteMovNat and NASM coaching principles, I deliver an integrative and sustainable approach to achieving physical, lifestyle and emotional vitality. During remote coaching sessions, holistic methods are used to identify lifestyle, nutrition and fitness obstacles. Smart strategies involving lifestyle management techniques, healthy eating habits and movement skill training are then introduced, learned and practiced. My BambooCore remote coaching system ultimately enhances your vitality and in return, helps you achieve lasting lifestyle results. Learn more about my approach and my background here.


BambooCore strives to be a leading resource in the health and fitness industry for individuals seeking integrative and sustainable lifestyle, nutrition and movement coaching.

Guiding Principles

BambooCore aims to:

  1. Enrich the lives of others through movement, nutrition, education and community.
  2. Create meaningful relationships and a cooperative community that is healthy, inclusive and compassionate.
  3. Be open, honest, cooperative and accountable in our relationships with each other and with local and global communities.


Together, we are United By Movement.

BambooCore is a community-based company. We bond together through movement – the universal human language. Together, we are committed to developing strong connections to the world around us. As a collective, we strive to become more efficient in our movement, health and performance. Together,  we unite as a culture to celebrate movement, mobility, strength and whole nutrition. We are a tribe that helps each other become stronger and more capable of handling life’s challenges and rewards.

Seven fundamental values form the foundation of BambooCore’s culture. They are:

  1. Service: I maintain the highest standards of coaching and put my members first. I seek to nourish everyone with the most comprehensive and supportive care and attention possible.
  2. Compassion: I demonstrate my commitment to providing an open, caring and supportive environment for ALL members of the BambooCore community.
  3. Integrity: I adhere to high moral principles and professional standards through a commitment to honesty, trust, confidentiality, respect and transparency.
  4. Balance: I take a proactive stance to create and maintain a healthy balance of seriousness, fun/play, exploration and improvisation within my coaching environment.
  5. Camaraderie: I collaborate and share knowledge, motivation, support, passion and accountability within the community locally and globally to support the advancement of the wellbeing of my members and my mission.
  6. Innovation: I welcome change, encourage invention, and continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve my goals. I am constantly bettering my knowledge and craft through continued education and practice.
  7. Diversity: BambooCore respects diversity of programming and believes in equality. I am blind to race, color, gender, nationality, religion, orientation, age or disability. I believe that together, we can overcome adversity and discrimination.


BambooCore works to fulfill its mission and values through five strategies:

  1. Use advanced questionnaires, assessments and holistic techniques to examine and prioritize areas of potential stress that have negatively impacted an individual’s wellness and movement efficiency.
  2. Create practical and realistic strategies that succeed in overcoming nutrition and fitness obstacles.
  3. Educate members about nutrition and movement techniques and show them how to apply these methods to any environment and space.
  4. Provide a safe, supportive, and fun environment that allows members to practice/explore their skills, improve their strength and conditioning, and build their own practice of movement and performance.
  5. Celebrate all explorations of movement, mobility, strength and nutrition with positivity and enthusiasm.

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