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"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind." - Bruce Lee

A perfect combination of strength and flexibility, bamboo has come to represent harmony and balance in one’s life. Like bamboo, we all have the innate ability to be strong, flexible and adaptive. Like bamboo, we have the aptitude to push past adversity, rebound and thrive. BambooCore uses integrative and sustainable lifestyle, nutrition and movement coaching to get to the core of what's holding you back from wellness success so you can move toward feeling amazing and living your best life.

Together, we unite as a culture to celebrate and become more efficient with movement, mobility, strength and whole nutrition. We are a tribe that helps each other become stronger and more capable of handling life’s challenges and rewards. We embrace physical and emotional movement. Together, we are BambooCore: United By Movement.

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Jennifer Regan

Hey, I'm Jen!
As a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach, I enrich and empower the lives of others through movement, nutrition, education, and community. I founded BambooCore in 2009 with an altruistic objective and revolutionary spirit. BambooCore exists to:

1) Deliver sustainable lifestyle and movement strategies to people looking to improve their health and performance.

2) Advocate for a paradigm shift in the health and fitness industry that moves us away from specialized and isolated approaches and closer to holistic and integrative methods.

When I am not slaying fat and building muscle, I am a barefoot adventurer who is driven by wanderlust and the outdoors. I embrace athletic competition and am energized whenever I step outside my physical limits. My appetite for knowledge is insatiable, as I love writing and reading about food culture, history, and the science of human movement.

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  • Are you ready for a fitness jumpstart or reboot? Want to move your body, get stronger, and have fun? Ignite your fitness regimen in four weeks. You will receive the assessments, tools, coaching, and foundation needed to begin a journey toward optimizing wellness and performance.

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  • Do you want a health check-in, reboot, or jumpstart? Begin your adventure toward reclaiming your innate healthy nature. This four-week holistic lifestyle and nutrition jumpstart program will fuel your body and mind with the strategies needed to create new levels of vitality, energy, and performance.

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  • Are you ready for a whole-body renewal? Experience the power of transformation that can come when you immerse yourself holisticly in deep learning and action. This integrative program combines lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness coaching and is a smart approach to achieving optimal health.

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What My Wonderful BambooCore Movers Say

  • Working with Jen has been truly life changing! Since I started training with Jen, I’ve lost 11 inches around my body and my clothes fit like never before. My body is leaner, stronger and toned. I have greater endurance, and I feel energized after our workouts and throughout the day. Her wealth and depth of knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition is incredible and her passion for it is inspiring. I cannot imagine life without her and Bamboo Core! She’s truly an inspiration and has opened me up to a whole new world.

    Jennifer Tietjen Natick, MA
  • Having Jen as my coach has been an amazing experience. Jen is a terrific personal trainer and supportive coach. Her boutique fitness and holistic nutrition coaching studio is awesome! She is also a fantastic motivator - always providing creative workouts and great nutrition advice and techniques for reaching your health and weight goals. I have lost 20 lbs. with Jen's help and could not be happier. I now move and feel so much better. She has changed my body and my life. Jen Regan is a motivational force!

    Pip Skinner Natick, MA

From BambooCore's Blog

  • Tight Hip Flexors Need TLC!

    What are hip flexors and why they are important? Learn how to reverse muscular dysfunction and pain of the hip with mobility and strengthening exercises.

  • Build Strength with this Deep-Squat, Rocking-Pushup Ladder Workout

    The deep-squat, rocking-pushup ladder workout is a short, full-body movement combo that will strengthen your entire body by combining two movements: the deep squat and the rocking pushup. Combined, these moves will challenge and test your strength, conditioning and grit. Add this squat/pushup sequence to your warmup, workout/WOD, or post-workout finisher.

  • Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Basil Vinaigrette

    This simple and delicious tomato and cucumber salad with basil vinaigrette uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients and pairs well with almost any main course.

  • 10 Health Benefits of Blueberries

    This article outlines the ten health benefits of blueberries and explains why they are nature’s antioxidant powerhouses. Check it out!

Join 300+ Amazing People Who Are United By Movement!

Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive BambooCore tribe!


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Join 300+ Amazing People Who Are United By Movement!

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