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What is BambooCore?

BambooCore was founded in 2009 by Jennifer Regan, NASM-CPT, MovNat MCT, C.H.E.K HLC. What started as a blog and gym is now a successful remote performance and wellness coaching system for people around the world.

BambooCore offers 100% individualized fitness, lifestyle and nutrition coaching services to people looking to improve their health and performance. It is a space for people to be coached in every aspect of their fitness and health journeys. BambooCore is an online community for bodies and minds to seek, reach and celebrate maximum movement, mobility, strength and nutrition efficiency in a safe and supportive environment. Using integrative lifestyle, movement and nutrition coaching methods, Jennifer Regan addresses the issues preventing you from reaching your full potential so that you can excel your performance and wellness to the next level.

"Within the BambooCore community, I am pushing to evolve fitness and nutrition in a way that promotes a standard of excellence in online coaching. Together, we are United By Movement and Bamboo Strong." - Jennifer Regan (Learn more)


  • During a complimentary strategy session, we will discuss your background, goals, lifestyle, nutrition, strengths and restrictions. Collected information will then be used to design a personalized fitness and wellness experience for you.

  • Comprehensive assessments will be performed to provide a deeper understanding of lifestyle, nutrition habits, movement capacity, strength, mobility and readiness to train. Results show use where you currently sit in your wellness journey.

  • Your tailored program, video library of movements, benchmarks and assessments will be accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. You will post your results, ask questions, and receive feedback so that you plateau less and progress faster.

  • I will gauge progress, look at movement and recovery, and make sure you are on the right path. In monthly video calls we will discuss your training, lifestyle, nutrition and future goals. We will retest and refine to keep you on point every day.


Coach Jennifer Regan

As a certified MovNat Trainer, NASM Personal Trainer, and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle/Nutrition Coach, I have been coaching people through movement, nutrition and education for more than 16 years. I founded BambooCore in 2009 to:

1) Deliver sustainable lifestyle, movement and nutrition strategies to people looking to improve their health and performance.

2) Advocate for a paradigm shift in the health and fitness industry that moves us away from specialized and isolated approaches and closer to holistic and integrative methods.

When I am not slaying fat and building muscle, I can be found trekking barefoot, traveling, cooking and refining my photography skills. I also enjoy reading and writing about food culture, history and the science of human movement.


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